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In an effort to be more effective in the dissemination of my work, I’ve started a Patreon page. Patreon allows me to regularly share the projects I’m doing, NOT just the written things. Blurbs of finished or close to finished written projects and links to buy books will remain here as well as continuing to be a way for me to interact with my fan base. If you want to interact in a more direct way, a daily way, please take a look at my Patreon page and consider subscribing. Currently I am working on an autobiography focusing on my self-experience as a transexual male throughout my life. I will occasionally post a paragraph or five here for you all to see, but to follow the full process head over to Patreon! Depending on subscription tier level, free or discounted books are available for subscribers. Every subscriber gets a free e-book of Pebbles At Your Window.

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Launch of Tails of the Wolfestead: Chuck’s Tale



This project has been a joy to complete and I am very pleased with the results. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did creating it and I look forward to continuing this series. The plan is to release 1 or 2 “Tails” books a year. The next main project will start next week and it will be the transition-based auto-biography many of my readers have been wanting me to write for a long time. My feet feel firmly planted in this venture and I am so happy all of you are walking along with me.


Chuck, the very real duck that is the inspiration for this story has her own Facebook page, she obviously would like to have as many likes as she can get! Your kids (or you) can follow her daily!

Also, I made a video for her:

Tails of the Wolfestead: Chuck’s Tale from Nathaniel Wolfe on Vimeo.

The book is available from me on the “Orders” page, ebooks are available on all major ebook venues, and the hardcopy (not to be confused with hard-back) is also available through major sources, or it will be showing up there soon. Of course, if you buy it directly from me, I can sign each copy.

Thank you all so much for your support.

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Nuggets in the Process

Earlier I said that I am more interested in the process of creation than in the end product. That isn’t to say that I don’t have quality in mind for the product, that item you all might wish to buy. I pour my soul into everything I do. I also cut away, prune if you will, much during the process. Sometimes, however, those clippings become something different and new, seeds for other projects or works  by their own right. The artistic process breathes, undulates, expands and contracts, adapts, and in the crucible of manifestation, the discarded sometimes becomes a crown jewel. The alchemy of imagination is ponderous. While working on drawings for the initial volume of “Tails of the Wolfestead” these two images arose during the manipulations of page five. They might be offered as limited edition prints when this book is available. I hope you find them enjoyable to view.  wrestelranother-panel-5-discard wrestelr


With Pebbles at Your Window almost in the can, it’s time to ramp up the inaugural volume of the children’s book series. Tentatively, this project is called “Tails from the Wolfestead.” Each book will be a fully illustrated story about one of the different animals who call this eight acres in the central Pennsylvania mountains, “home.”  The first book is about Chuck. Chuck is a duck hen who had the unfortunate experience of being hatched on the coldest day of the year. Here is a possibility of the first page of Chuck’s Tale.

tails panel jpg

Tails from the Wolfestead

The Door is Unlocked

Thank you for stopping by. This site is the store window for all of Nathaniel’s current and future literary and visual products. Links to purchase published titles, numbered and signed prints of visual art, and authenticated folk art will be available.

As an artist who is far more interested in process than product, it is Nathaniel’s desire to share with his readers the paths explored in developing any singular concept from inception to fruition. Towards that end, sample chapters, poems in various stages of craft, different versions of art, and conceptual musings will be shared on this blog. To read more informal essay and contemplations, his personal blog at “Shifting Strands” will remain active. Double posting a blog piece is likely to occur on occasion.

Launched by the publication of “Pebbles at Your Window,” projects for 2014 include one or two smaller, more “traditional,” themed chapbooks, and the beginning of an illustrated children books series tentatively titled “Tails of the Wolfestead.” A narrative autobiography, focused through the lens of his transsexuality and transition, is slated for a mid-autumn release. Additionally–for the christmas holiday of 2014–a 20 page, fully-colored graphic novel, which been percolating in the recesses of his psyche for more than a decade, will finally be made manifest!

Through the process of creating these works, there may be limited-edition offerings of the aspects of each product that do not make it into the final project. Rather than have these things lost on the cutting room floor, they will become independent testimonies of the journey.

Thank you for taking the time to stop by, and feel free to walk back in any time. This door is not only unlocked, it is unhinged and ready to invite all who wish to sit by the fire and share stories. Grab a drink,rest your soles and soul, and be entertained.



The sun rises on a new journey down an old road. Walk with me.